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~Winter Snows~
The leaves have fallen from the trees. The grass is beginning to turn brown. Flowers have long ceased blooming. The geese are flying south. Brisk, cold winds replace the hot rays of summer. Early morning frost instead of dew upon the grass. Sure signs that winter is on its way.
We all wait and watch for that first snowflake. Even if it falls after midnight, I wake my child to whisper, "It's snowing!" just like an excited kid myself!
I love to take a walk while everyone is sleeping and the snow is falling. My puppy bounds through the snow; not knowing where the yard ends and the road begins. Jumping against me, she knocks me down. While I'm down, I lie back on the blanket of snow. Feeling it fall onto my face, as I spread my arms and legs to make a Snow Angel. Everything is white on white on white. It's so quiet and clean and glistening .... a different world it seems.
The stillness is astounding,
While quiet fills the air
I hear my own heart pounding,
Gentle flakes fall everywhere.
I watch the snowflakes in the light of the street lamp. Like forest sprites they dance, swirling in the wind.
White icing on the branches
Of every tree I see
Reminds me of life's wonders
'Neath every canopy.
My footprints are quickly hidden, as the snowflakes pile one upon the other. As though nothing has been disturbed, my passing will not be noticed. In dawn's first light everything sparkles from the new fallen snow.
Though I may tire of the cold; I'll never tire of the beauty in everything I see, or the good feelings it never fails to bring to me ... the snow ...
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