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~ It's a Jungle Out There ~
Having a cup of hot tea
And my morning sweet bun,
Newspaper headlines alert me
To zoo animals on the run.
Where would they go, just to have fun?
There's a crispness in the air.
Thought I'd take a morning stroll.
Trees are budding everywhere.
Just what I need to renew my soul.
Are those feathers, peeking from that hole?
Bright colors flash from tree to tree.
Loud squawking fills the air.
Standing still so that I might see,
Parrots and a Toucan in the forest's lair.
How on earth did they get there?
Pine cones bounce off of my head.
Looking up I hear some chatter.
Slowly I advance with dread.
Thinking, "I should have brought a ladder!"
What is making all of this clatter?
Startled by a poke in my back,
I turn to face eyes, much like my own.
I await the calmness I presently lack,
While clenching my fists, white to the bone.
If I turn around now, can I escape all alone?
I shriek,
"It's a Jungle Out There!"
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