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~ Lakota -- "Friend" ~
Omega born on that moonlit night, in the forest deep.
Pack's first howling at day's light, markings he will keep.
Always learning to hunt and to find his family place.
Never yearning, he has the world to embrace.
Lowest in the pack, far below the rest.
Daily prey to track, always at his best.
Does not wish to be alone, strays far from the pack.
The leader's signals doth intone, "Always hurry back."
Known as friend, with loyalty to his brother.
Straying far again, out of sight of any other.
Alerts to friend or foe, guardian he shall be.
Will we ever know, if his spirit they do see?
When his time has come, be it quiet, be it swift.
As his life on earth is done, let them realize his gift.
Their lonely howls can not deny, when they call out his name.
As his spirit descends to starlit sky, from whence that night it came.
I was inspired to write the above poetry by a wolf named Lakota. Formerly of the Sawtooth Pack of South Dakota, the pack has since been relocated to northern Idaho and is now known as the Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce. His brother, Kamots, the original Alpha male or leader of the pack, died in February, 2000, at the age of 9. With his passing, the wolves within the pack reorganized their hierarchy.
At first the Omega male, Lakota's place in the pack changed when new wolves or offspring of the Alpha pair joined the ranks of the pack. Briefly rising in rank, Lakota was once again at the lowest or Omega position  when he died late in 2003 at 11 years of age.
My son and I 'adopted' Lakota for one year in 1991. We have since followed the pack; so to speak.
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