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~Holiday Decorating~
Up to the attic and back down again
Toting boxes and bags of ribbons and things
Opening and sorting and then...
Not what I need now, my doorbell rings!
Blustery winds with snow swirling about,
Glowing logs warm my hands and my heart.
My dog is barking at a stranger, no doubt.
My sis arrives asking, "Where do we start?"
Finding the baubles of our memories warms us.
Candles on tables and garlands on banisters,
Getting it all done with much laughter and fuss.
Packing the cookies in colorful canisters.
She's ready to leave, but I can't find my cat.
Last time we saw him, he was 'neath the tree.
"Don't worry," she said. "Look under Santa's hat!"
Then she left, with a smile and a wink for me.
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