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~In Memory of Alice~
Smiling always, kindly and gray,
Sweet perfume of Avon Cottillion
Soft spoken words and a warm embrace
She was the essence I wanted to trace.
Cutting paper, drawing,
Gently pushing, never herding
Seeds of wisdom she would sew
Upon gentle minds that never grow.
Hard working, truth seeking,
Learning the whys in every way
Of accolades did not approve
Humbleness in every groove.
Her visions for tomorrow
Evolved into works for today
Her words, never preaching
Copied her actions in their teaching.
The last time that I saw her,
I bent to give her a hug
Never thinking it would be the last
Nor that she would be gone so fast.
She was my friend and a mentor
And I'm sad to see her go
But my memories of her will not die
Even as I shed a tear and cry.
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In her memory, Alice asked that relatives and friends perform a random act of kindness for a stranger.