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Adapted and Rewritten by JLG©3/2002
A water faerie was she,
In a pond deep beneath the lily pad
A place she wanted not to be.
Her birth place only made her sad.
From sunrise until the night,
Her eyes did follow
The chariot's flight,
Of the great Sun God, Apollo.
But he didn't have eyes for her.
He set his sights on another instead.
This sent her emotions to anger,
And put silly notions into her head.
She arose every day,
To the surface so far.
Wishing only for a way,
To be nearer his star.
One moonless night,
A magical Faerie did hear
Of her anguished plight,
And washed away her fear.
She would grant Clytie her wish,
But warned of her toil.
From the freedom of a fish,
To a plant rooted in soil.
Clytie found herself transported,
Through the waters of her home
Where nymphs cavorted,
And water sprites did roam.
A winged dragon took her,
Closer to the sun.
Would this life be better,
Or would she soon succumb?
She wilted in the heat,
And then she nearly died.
Her grief was so complete,
That she hung her head and cried.
The gentle rains they fell that night,
Her roots the ground took hold.
By morning's sun she was alright,
Remembering what she'd been told.
Once again her head did raise,
As tall and proud she stood.
Golden petals framed her face,
Beneath a greening hood.
Magic made the change,
With nature's gift of shower.
O'er all the lands she now does range,
We know her as ... Sun Flower.
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